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January 9th, 2017

11:21 pm: Tattooine ain't Even Seen a T-15....

Truth is we never get new models on Tattooine.

By the time something gets to the outer rims
better fogure on it being a junker or worse.
Sell it for scrap or credits and you still ain't close
to getting off a sunblasted sandpit like this one,
so it's better to just have fun with it.

First time I sped through Beggar's Canyon
I swear there it was like I was winning a race
chock full of the best pilots in like five systems.
I could almost hear the annoucers calling
my every throttle shift like they were of two minds
and just couldn't decide if I was gonna fly past
the three spun gravity's of Tattooine and jump
right for the center of the universe.

Even the womp rats scattered,
though none could escape my spot-on blasters.

January 8th, 2017

11:34 pm: The Elfebet....

Double uiye



January 7th, 2017

09:47 pm: Road Ode...

For the bingo halls.

For the highschool gymnasiums.

For the open air ampetheater takeover.

For the 200 seat warehouses holding 35 people.

For all the small market cities.

All the forgottwn towns
that want to see two fools
throw each other around
for gas money and comped beers.

For the sweat.

For the nylon car seat.

For the late afternoon sun drenched parking lot.

All the pranks that keep
the minds from losing themselves
on the road.  Scrolling across radio
stations for anything to drown
out the static of your mind
telling you to give it up.

How long will you chase the sunset?

Arena after arena closing up for the night.

Another set of florescents going dark.

Another set of 25-40 people getting in their cars
to go to there homes.

For the road.

For the endless winding road.

For all the directions it spirals out into.

For all the emptiness it eats
and it gives back a bruise
or several bruises or so many
sitting becomes worse
than lying down collapsed...

For the all the matches
that get you to the big dance.

And for the two minutes
that dance last
and how they feel
like forever.

November 8th, 2016

12:00 am: And then the quesadillia comes back up...

and I am completely voided
throat raw and ruined.

It is almost as if the worst has happened to me now
so that it might not be worse tomorrow.

April 9th, 2016

03:10 pm: All Your Dreams Turn to Ash in Your Mouth...

Maybe you have had this things happen where you are using a toaster and you think you have set it on medium and you walk away and then when the bread pops up it is well done to the point of being charcoal. To being nothing there to butter but flakes, just bitter flakes of ash and whatever you planned for you piece of bread is ruined. But the toaster worked, right? Just like it was supposed to. Perhaps your definition of medium was just wrong. Perhaps your understanding of how crispy is the optimal amount of crispy vs how crsipy your toaster wants something to be are just irreconcilable. Perhaps you were using weak bread. Don't be so sour dough, you say. This toast this failure toast, but look how quickly the butter melts. How hot the bread is now, how it burns your fingers the minute you pick it up out of the toaster. How forgetful you are not just about this one appliance, even, about everything. You have the same problem with the image imput cable for your TV, how if it isn't twisted just so, the picture is just static, just washes of digital snow, or no picture at all. And how you keep forgetting that the TV works fine, it is just the imput that is faulty. It is just this cable, which also works, but maybe only has a specific angle where it feels best. The toaster obviously toasts. It is you who can remember the settings. It is who cannot eject the bread at a reasonable time. Perhaps this is your brain too. After all it works. It seems to, at least, you have a tought and your brain conducts the action that follows, the logic is somewhat sound, you either are led to action or not. But the conclusions, the things you take away do not always seem to be the things you began with. This thing I am set on will make me happy doesn't always pop out at the other end. Instead here are standing burnt, with an acrid taste like smoke and meanness curling in your mouth, how your mind lingered too long on the thing it wanted and now it is over done. But the machine worked fine, right? Because you still have toast.

January 11th, 2014

01:34 pm: Mix it up...
A while back I did a post where, in the process of deleting my iTunes playlists, I kind of transposed them into livejournal. I guess what I'm saying is it's time to do that again. And so here is a playlist I liked that I need to clear from my iTunes already.

1. Magnetic Fields - "Absolutely Cuckoo"
2. Yeasayer - "Sunrise"
3. Frank Zappa - "Peaches En Regalia"
4. Beach House - "Lover of Mine"
5. Sigur Ros - "Hoppipolla"
6. Odawas - "Boy In The Yard"
7. Coldplay - "Lost!"
8. Patrick Phelan - "Crippled For" (I can't find a video for this. Oh well. It's a good song none the less).
9. Deerhunter - "Cover Me (Slowly)"
10. Magnetic Fields - "Desert Island"
11. Miho Hatori & Prefuse 73 - "Night Light"
12. Sean Lennon - "Would I Be The One"
13. Serge Gainsbourg - "Cargo Culte
14. Dennis Wilson - "River Song"
15. The Cave Singers - "Beach House"

That's it, it runs about an hour. If I knew how I would do fancier things like, upload it so people could download it or whatever... but I'm old guys. So old that I mean, when I put together mixes for people I like to do it, in this kind of single songs that might hold the emotional context of my feelings within them... geez... If you want I recommend seeing if you can figure out the overall message that was intended in this mix. I, for one, won't say who it is for or what it was meant to convey. But I will say, it did not work. But I mean as songs I think they work very well together.

April 6th, 2013

12:18 pm: Jowls...
The sharkcass was nearly forty feet long rotting in the open sun of the beach it's great jaws still clamped around the unfortunate shell of the massive sea turtle that had towed it through the shallows and onto shore. The gulls flocked around it, picking strips of flesh and blubber from a gaping hole in its side where the sheriff had shot it, blasting even more chum into the bloodstained water. If not for the timely arrival of the turtle pod he would have probably died there too. But as they say, slow and steady.

His arms were still aching from wrestling to stay above the red brine of the waves clutching the side of the ship that the shark had smashed to bits before a few explosives and giant turtle had made a sharkcass of him. Under his feet the beach reeled and he dropped to his news and heaved some sea water back into the sand. There wasn't much else there to tamper the burning salty bile, but the land was under him once again. That, and he'd done his job. The beach was safe.

Current Mood: flappy

January 29th, 2013

12:46 pm: The sea and the tiger...
The sea of tigers extended far beyond any real point of eyesight. It's swaying gold-green grass grew 4 to 5 feet high and made elephant mounts the only truly safe passage. And Odep's party was about to enter it on horseback.

Odep knew there were probably only five or six actual tigers in the sea, but even one tiger was more than a match for a man, and there were legends around these tigers that couldn't be easily dismissed. Woe be any party who could not find sanctuary in one of the island huts that dotted the sea by nightfall, for tales kept that any man who saw the sun set around him in the sea of tigers would wake as one himself if he ever saw morning again.

More like, wake in the belly of one, thought Odep. The two guides with him were sawing through the thinner and far more pliable grass at the edges of the sea to make bundles for torch brands should the darkness get closer to them than any hut. If that happens, it will be too late for us all.

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Current Music: Scorpion - the Budos Band

June 18th, 2012

03:55 pm: A gift for scribbilizin'...
Check this present, it's Christmas
sweaters, I get's this, wool hat,
I knits this. Ladies, I spits this:
holiday for mind to play in the long
months of summer where the day
doesn't end and you wonder
can life get it any better
I submit that it can not! Can
Portland get any wetter? (Sure)
but does it get less hot?
(Hell no!) Thanks to this rare
dose of cheer that melts yo' fear
of the exterior world out here.

Current Mood: weirdweird

September 4th, 2011

01:32 am: The internet is mine to control...
That is to say, there is now badass wireless connection in my house and while it took it's fucking time to get here, I couldn't be happier. My computer feels like a real thing again, with the internet window open and the ability to Hulu and watch Criterion films via current... and scroll picture blogs and be near facebook and livejournal and awake all the time. And all the job hunting... can be done in part at home. Exciting, exciting, exciting!

I have more to say about Hawaii, I will say it too! I promise...

Still right now I just want to revel in internet having and life being nice to me overall sort of for a change and feeling like maybe I'm going to be able to make things work, and y'know, just more positives. I really love Portland. And that it feels like home. It feels like I am home, right now. I don't get that feeling in a lot of places, but I definitely have it here. It's wonderful.

Current Mood: excitedexcited
Current Music: What a Pleasure - Beach Fossils...
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